Behind the Scenes at Savage Senses Showroom Set Up

Savage Senses Showroom in the NYC Fashion District

One of Savage Senses founders, Waldo Tejada, takes us behind the curtain to see exactly what it’s like to open a fashion showroom.

1. What is it like to be in a showroom?

To have the opportunity to be in a showroom in NYC is a great moment for a fashion line and a special milestone for any fashion start-up company. Our vision is to reach as many fashion directors, buyers and editors and have them interact with the collection first hand

2. When a buyer comes to the showroom—what will they find?

Our “Water -Raw Materials” SS 2013 collection consists of uniquely design 100% silk, 100% Cotton Fleece and 100% linen pieces which are hand-dipped and hand-printed in New York, in addition to  our hand-printed canvas bags (all shown in our website We have extended the collection with other 100% silk pieces (not show in the website) and 100% certified farmed crocodile trimmed canvas bags for an additional element of luxury.

3. How is the Savage Senses showroom unique to others?

We have been given the opportunity to be part of a great space shared with very well known brands like Chloe, Missoni, Balmain Beach Wear and Just Cavalli Beach Wear. We feel honored and humbled to be next to such recognized brands right in the heart of New York City.

4. What’s been the biggest challenge to setting up the Savage Senses showroom?

Certainly the biggest challenge was editing down the collection; we have grown to loved all the pieces that we’ve worked so hard designing and it was kind of sad to not include some of them. At the end is all good as those pieces will make it to our website e-commerce later in the year, giving everybody a chance to fall in love with them as we did.

5.  Be honest—have you danced around the showroom yet? And if so—what music was on your iPod when you did it?

Well I did not jump up and down, but was kind of lip-synching while setting up the hangers and listening to BUIKA on my iPod.